“What do you wish for in a post-corona-world?“

April 27th I celebrated my birthday with a special experiment: Video conference birthday party with a joint live visualization! I wanted to know from my friends and family what they wish for when the Corona-crisis is over (or we learned to live with it). These could be personal wishes, but also social, political, cultural, economic or ecological ideas. While participants in the videoconference presented and discussed their ideas, I created an online graphic recording on my iPad. Everybody could follow the creation of the picture directly live on their screen.

Just a few dreams that you can find back in the picture:

  • A revival of a regional, sustainable economy to fulfill our primary needs, boosting circularity”
  • Nature to flourish by providing nature more space and silence (as they currently have)
  • The vaccine should enable us to refocus on the real problems we have
  • Direct, human communication without the “noise” as we currently experience it with the video solutions
  • Spatial and architectonic solutions, allowing for true human interaction AND social distancing at the same time, when needed
  • Use connectivity to cross the boundaries between cultures, perspectives, interests, disciplines and learn from ‘the other’
  • Keep the crisis-mode of quick decision taking.
  • Use current ad-hoc solutions in the future for other disasters
  • Good and affordable healthcare for all!
  • An enhanced sense of the need for global and social solidarity to confront collective problems.
  • Eradication of the Corona Virus will coincide with the eradication of the Trump Virus.
  • Stay in the reflective mode. Continuous appreciation for what we consider to be “normal”
  • Show modesty: We are not endless, and we cannot control everything
  • Challenge our believes, rethinking capitalism: According to what principles do we want to live? What does really matter to us?
  • De-privatization of large industrial farming in favor of smaller green initiatives
  • Just like we pay attention to the advice virology experts, we should listen to climate experts too!
  • Continue to appreciate a slowed down live
  • Children rediscovering and valuing the “wild live” outside, together with neighboring kids

My personal birthday wish? I hope we will all contribute to make these dreams come true!