Foodvalley – Realtime Innovation Lab

The Event

The Realtime Innovation Lab was organized by Start-Live at the Food Valley Expo in Arnhem in October 2013. Two teams competed in developing an  innovative solution for the challenge: “What to eat after an earthquake? New solutions for disaster relief”. Particpants of the Lab included students of the Wageningen University and the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, experts and visitors. The prototypes were assessed by the jury on sustainaility, innovativeness, usability and applicability.

My Contribution

Being a “design process & visualization expert”, I supported the teams in generating ideas, developing concepts and presenting the results.


StartLife  (University of Wageningen)


“Christian creates clear coherent visuals, based on all the different contributions generated in a brainstorm. This really helps to get a common mindset before entering the next phase of development.”
Thomas Alberts,